Str8 Klownin Ent ( Record Label/ Recording Studio  :king:

Str8 Klownin Ent is King Jokers Record Label and Studio.

We have some dope packages for y'all.

925 King Joker Feat Crackle Kapone.

YesSER & Str8 Klownin Ent Presents……925 King Joker Feat Crackle Kapone.

Off the King Joker Presents The John Birch Project

Mad V performing All Day All Night off of A Few Loose Screws

Mad V performing All Day All Night on the Wiked Wood Down South Loud Mouth Tour 2018 in West Jefferson N.C At Helen's Sports Bar & Grille.

Free Music Downloads

I will be adding music to the site to help promote artist. If you would like to send a few Mp3's to
it will go
in the Free Music Download Section on the site.

Please make sure the Mp3 is labeled with ARTIST name & TRACK name. Please send a short description something like the  album
name the track its off of and a link so people can check out more of your music.

And 1 more small thing send a photo of your self or the album covers the tracks are off…