Str8 Klownin Radio

Welcome to the Str8 Klownin Radio page on this page you will find the player for the radio show.


King Joker & MAD V along with a few others we will anounce their names once everything is finial and the wheels start rolling.

Str8 Klownin Radio will be a Underground Style Show, Here are a few things to come for Str8 Klownin Radio.
  1. Music from artist in the underground. 
  2. Music from artist Str8 Klownin Supports.
  3. Live Phone interviews or Live In Studio Interview ( More of the just chilling shooting the shit type stuff)
  4. Artist Promotions on Str8 Klownin Radio
       And much much more for a whole 3 hours !!!

    Please click on the Radio Shows below to check out shows Str8 Klownin Supports